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Roman Pila & Gladius

If the Roman Legion graces your gaming table, then this model profile will definitely be of interest to you. If your wargames don’t take place in the Ancient period, then your probably asking: What the heck is a pilum? Well…

Zombies: An Ambient Element

With Halloween fast approaching, I wanted to put out some content that would let players have some seasonal fun with HAVOC. An easy way to do this is through the use of a specific tool in HAVOC know as an Ambient Element.

A shift in Momentum…

If you have played even one game of HAVOC, then you know that Momentum can be very powerful- and very fickle. You do have some tools at your disposal, in the form of HAVOC tokens and die gained from The Rules of Form, to nudge the hand of fate in your direction. However, many players … Continue reading

Dropping Names #1: The Weapon Master

No… I’m not talking about name dropping,  as in the act of casually mentioning the names of famous people in order to imply that one is on familiar terms with them- usually intended as a means of self-promotion. Nor am I talking about the track Dropping Names that can be found on the Beastie Boys … Continue reading

HAVOC & campaigns

HAVOC… running a campaign A campaign. What tabletop general doesn’t like the idea of a campaign? At the mention of the word, images spring to mind: raids into enemy territory, scouting missions, scorched earth withdrawals, ambushes, pitched battles, and heroic last stands. That’s a lot of stuff, and I’m sure you thought of even more. … Continue reading

Want to turn it up to 11?

or ‘I’m sad. Why can’t I have more Named models in my force?’ Gamers rejoice! Because if you want more Named models in your force, then you can have them, and I will tell you how to do so while keeping things from getting too out of hand.Why didn’t I let players do this from … Continue reading

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