HAVOC is available in print on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.es, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it, and here in the the site’s Shop. Note! If you have a discount code for the print edition, then it can only be redeemed here on the site.

The electronic edition of HAVOC is available on Wargame Vault and contains some amazing mutli-layered PDF paper terrain models from Dave Graffam for just $9.99.

The moment…

There is the slightest of pauses between the rushing sound of arrows parting the air, and the thudding impacts of bodkin tips on shield, armor, and flesh. It is in this pause that fear and doubt creep in; it is in this pause that warriors learn if they are truly meant for battle.


Trumpets sound the maneuver, banners snap in the breeze, knights impact infantry with thunderous results, Behemoths bellow, blackpowder roars, and there is the singing of metal-on-metal.

‘The Named’…

Challenges are made and accepted. Berserkers frenzy. Champions defend. Executioners finish. Zombies feast. Giants smash and fling. With each confrontation new names and legends are forged while other stories find their ending.

Enter the world of HAVOC….
and conduct tactical battles on the tabletop. The Core Edition of HAVOC has all the rules you need to start playing. All you supply are some 6 sided dice, miniatures, and measuring tape.

Use any miniatures, from any manufacturer!
Go in to battle with the models of your choosing.

The Core Edition contains the entire HAVOC Game System!
O.D.D.S. Combat, ‘Chain Reaction’ Activations featuring Organic Formations, Wreaking Havoc!, Arrow-Time, Magicks & Arcanum, Cut Scenes, The Rules of Form- it’s all in there and more…

Scenarios & Situations…
that will test your strategic planning and tactical flexibility in equal measure.

‘The Named’
Upgrade your standard troop models by giving them a ‘Name’ such as: Berserker, Dragoon, Giant, Hydra, Magus, or Zombie (just to name a few).

‘HAVOC… it’s okay to wreak a little!’



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