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Pendraken 2013 Painting Competition Sponsor

pendraken-paintcomp-havoc-battlefield-2013It’s official. I’m a sponsor for the Pendraken Miniatures 2013 Painting Competition.

The two categories I’m supporting are Fantasy & Sci-Fi and Vehicle. The 1st place finishers in both categories will receive print copies of both HAVOC and The Battlefield. That’s right… I said both! Second place finishers will receive their choice of an electronic edition/PDF of either HAVOC, The Battlefield, or my new game that will be out by the time the competition is judged. There will be more on that later!

For rules and other details on the competition, you can check out the Pendraken forums and join in the discussion. If you have any questions for me, then you can ask them on the forum or leave a comment below.



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