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Want to turn it up to 11?

Gamers rejoice!

or ‘I’m sad. Why can’t I have more Named models in my force?’

Gamers rejoice! Because if you want more Named models in your force, then you can have them, and I will tell you how to do so while keeping things from getting too out of hand.Why didn’t I let players do this from the beginning?

The Core Edition was created to be the unchanging foundation of the HAVOC system. The philosophy from the very beginning was that this edition of the game would provide the best possible mix of fun, strategy, and tactics while maintaining a reasonable balance. Having the core rules start from what I consider to be a reasonable middle ground, allows me to deliver deliver vastly different gaming experiences, to a wide audience, through subtle tweaks to the rules and through expansions.

For those of you who want to dial up the power level, I’ll stop rambling now and tell you how to remove the restriction limiting the number of Named models in your army. Just follow these guidelines:

No limits on The Named

  • both players agree to lift the normal restrictions found in the Core Edition
  • players may have as many Named models in their force as desired, as long as the points limit for the engagement are not exceeded
  • players may still only have one type of Named skirmisher
  • in the event that a Cut Scene occurs, a player may NOT activate more than two Named models in a single Activation

That’s how you do it. Pretty simple, right? Well, the easy part is over. Once you get a couple of forces on the table loaded-up with Named models and HAVOC tokens, the entire metagame changes. How? The synergies created when various abilities are stacked, having multiples of the same Named on the field, obscene numbers of HAVOC tokens, the ability to force a Cut Scene almost at will… and that’s all just scratching the surface. So, as you can imagine, things can get crazy pretty fast (but fun!). There is still balance, but it can shift very quickly. The game definitely has a different feeling when played this way, but everyone should try it at least once. Another fun option I think everyone should try is for one player to have a force with ONLY Named models, while the other force isn’t allowed to have any. So, go ahead and turn it up to 11, and wreak some HAVOC!

* turn it up to 11


One thought on “Want to turn it up to 11?

  1. Hey! Just met you at the hobbytown USA here in Kennesaw, GA and picked up a rulebook, just leaving some info!
    Started the book, still looking great!
    Thanks again!

    Posted by Aaron Evans | June 19, 2010, 8:10 pm

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