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Merry Christmas everyone!

Just wanted to wish everyone Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and thank you for another great year! I hope you all get to enjoy some time with family and friends, eat some good food, and get some ‘sweet loot‘ under the tree. Hopefully,

OP4S 6mm Sci-Fi

Through testing and evolving OP4S, one thing that has become evident for me is that 6mm seems to be the sweet spot for RTS style gameplay. 6mm has always been included as an option, but now it’s quickly becoming the standard. Don’t worry! 2mm and 15mm are still fully supported! I’ll speak more

OP4S updated with free stuff!

Today, the OP4S/BETA file on WargameVault.com was updated with free science fiction terrain and coins from Dave Graffam Models. The building,

OP4S Map Design

If you play RTS games, first person shooters, or tactics games, then you know that when it comes to playing multiplayer that you have favorite maps. So, what makes a map fun?

OP4S MAP.01 uploaded

I’ve uploaded a map for Opposing Force on the YAHOO! Group. You can find it

Summer Campaign Sale at Wargame Vault

Until July 19th, as part of the Wargame Vault Summer Campaign, you can get the entire HAVOC Bundle for 20% off!

HAVOC pictures from DADICOM 2011

It’s been a busy week, but I’m finally getting some pictures posted from the HAVOC demo table at DADICOM 2011 that was held in San Marino, Italy. I want to start

HAVOC: Wushu, Wounds, & Lucky 13

I have something new for you to try! But first, I’ll ramble a bit… Currently, I have my players doing some testing for the marital arts expansion of HAVOC. Quite a few unique mechanics have been added to the core (as well as some more detailed rules to represent various fighting styles and weapons). One … Continue reading

HAVOC Multiplayer Part II: Medieval Mode

From Wikipedia: A battle or battaile was a medieval military formation, analogous and ancestral to the modern term battalion. In late medieval warfare, field armies were often drawn up into three main battles, also called guards: the vanguard, the middle guard, and the rearguard, often abbreviated to simply the van, middle, and rear. These terms … Continue reading

HAVOC Multiplayer Part I: Classic Mode

Want to have your allies join you on the field of battle against your long time foe?      Of course you do! In this post, I’ll show the simplest way to play multiplayer games with HAVOC. I call it Classic Mode because, it is similar to the standard multiplayer format that most wargamers have … Continue reading

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