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OP4S updated with free stuff!

Today, the OP4S/BETA file on WargameVault.com was updated with free science fiction terrain and coins from Dave Graffam Models. The building, Battle Bunker-SF 01, is a multi-layered PDF that comes with an incredible amount of options for full customization.These include everything from color schemes, themes, cracks, and gun damage, to exterior 3D models and an accessible interior. Also included are the Futuristic Coins. These are great to use as credits in game for buying troops when the RTS Mode file is uploaded.

If you are already in the BETA, then simply return to WargameVault.com and download the file again to receive your coupons. If you’re not in the BETA yet, then now is a great time to join in and get some free stuff in the process!

OP4S, Overdrive, and the RTS game engine, are the Copyright+Trademarks of Brent Spivey.


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