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Anyone who plays video games is familiar with the concept of achievements. Right? Well, now you can earn achievements in a tabletop game. How?

For anyone participating in the OP4S beta, you have the chance to earn achievements for completing certain task. Like all achievements, some of these will be very easy to obtain, some very difficult, and others will be near impossible. There are also some unique achievements that can only be gained once by a single individual.

Think of this as a fun mini-game for those of you participating in the development process. Currently, all of the achievements are secret. As individuals earn achievements, I will do a weekly update of how many each person has. It will be up to you to try to uncover new ones and puzzle out the nature of those already completed. Sometimes, I will do an update with the name and requirements for an achievement.So, besides being a fun diversion and giving some bragging rights, is there any point to these achievements?

Of course! In the credits of the final print edition, all playtesters will have their names and achievements listed. Also, for the top achievers, there are going to be a couple of extra perks. Stay tuned!


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