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OP4S beta updated

The OP4S beta has been upgraded to version 3 today.  There are a lot of changes, additions, and tweaks to this one. So, make sure to reread the entire document before jumping into play. The quick reference sheet has been updated as well.        

OP4S 6mm Sci-Fi

Through testing and evolving OP4S, one thing that has become evident for me is that 6mm seems to be the sweet spot for RTS style gameplay. 6mm has always been included as an option, but now it’s quickly becoming the standard. Don’t worry! 2mm and 15mm are still fully supported! I’ll speak more

OP4S updated with free stuff!

Today, the OP4S/BETA file on WargameVault.com was updated with free science fiction terrain and coins from Dave Graffam Models. The building,

OP4S Map Design

If you play RTS games, first person shooters, or tactics games, then you know that when it comes to playing multiplayer that you have favorite maps. So, what makes a map fun?

OP4S/BETA is live!

The OP4S/BETA is live! I know that only the most


This is a little sneak peek of my upcoming releases for those who follow the news here on the site.

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