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OP4S 6mm Sci-Fi

Through testing and evolving OP4S, one thing that has become evident for me is that 6mm seems to be the sweet spot for RTS style gameplay. 6mm has always been included as an option, but now it’s quickly becoming the standard. Don’t worry! 2mm and 15mm are still fully supported! I’ll speak more on that in a moment.

With some of the focus shifting to 6mm, what do you do about miniature support? I’ll tell you what I do. I go out and enlist the support of some of the best 6mm sci-fi miniature manufacturers in the business! 15MM.CO.UK and Ground Zero Games where already onboard and have a nice selection of 6mm models. Now, the following companies have now joined the fight and are supporting OP4S: Adler, Brigade Models, C-in-C, Dark Realm Miniatures, Microworld Games, Plasmablast Games, and Scotia Grendel. If you’re going to play OP4S at 6mm, then give these companies a look.

Why 6mm?

If you want larger battles with ground vehicles, MECHA, and close air support in addition to your infantry, then 6mm strikes a nice balance. Infantry still play an important role on the battlefield, but you’ll have considerably more vehicles than you would in a standard 15mm game [where the focus is more on infantry]. Not only that, but from an economic standpoint, you have the ability to maintain a larger reserve with more variety. Remember, OP4S is an RTS on the tabletop, so you are building and deploying your force during play! More minis, for less, means more options.

The next update to the beta will feature Mobile Artillery, new buildings, and techs to represent some of the offerings that the 6mm lines offer.

You're not doing this at 15mm!

15mm is perfect for OUTPOST level games or scenarios in Classic Mode. When combined with the simulationist techs [overwatch, suppression, bounding, etc.] then you can have a very intense infantry focused experience with a few vehicles in support. You lose some of the RTS flavor at this level, but the gameplay is still engaging.

But what about 2mm? 2mm is for really big battles where infantry plays only a minor role. I have some very special plans that will affect the game significantly for both 2mm and 6mm players, but that’s for later!

Looking for some inspiration in the smaller scales?  Check out Tactical Command. From what I can see, it’s the place to be if you’re into 6mm.

The image used in this article is from Supreme Commander 2 and used for editorial purposes only.


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