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Winter Offensive Sale

The Winter Offensive sale is going on now through December 19 at Wargame Vault. You can get HAVOC and OP4S for 20% off! Both offers include free terrain from Dave Graffam, and the purchase of the OP4S beta qualifies you for 50% off on the final print edition.

HAVOC pictures from DADICOM 2011

It’s been a busy week, but I’m finally getting some pictures posted from the HAVOC demo table at DADICOM 2011 that was held in San Marino, Italy. I want to start

HAVOC: Wushu, Wounds, & Lucky 13

I have something new for you to try! But first, I’ll ramble a bit… Currently, I have my players doing some testing for the marital arts expansion of HAVOC. Quite a few unique mechanics have been added to the core (as well as some more detailed rules to represent various fighting styles and weapons). One … Continue reading

HAVOC Multiplayer Part II: Medieval Mode

From Wikipedia: A battle or battaile was a medieval military formation, analogous and ancestral to the modern term battalion. In late medieval warfare, field armies were often drawn up into three main battles, also called guards: the vanguard, the middle guard, and the rearguard, often abbreviated to simply the van, middle, and rear. These terms … Continue reading

HAVOC Multiplayer Part I: Classic Mode

Want to have your allies join you on the field of battle against your long time foe?      Of course you do! In this post, I’ll show the simplest way to play multiplayer games with HAVOC. I call it Classic Mode because, it is similar to the standard multiplayer format that most wargamers have … Continue reading

HAVOC free terrain offer

That’s right. I said, ‘FREE!’ Now, when you purchase the PDF version of HAVOC on Wargame Vault, you get 2 terrain pieces from Dave Graffam models absolutely free. The Covered Bridge and Watch Tower models are suitable for a wide range of settings, and it ‘just so happens’ that they are perfect for the Dangerous … Continue reading

Zombies: An Ambient Element

With Halloween fast approaching, I wanted to put out some content that would let players have some seasonal fun with HAVOC. An easy way to do this is through the use of a specific tool in HAVOC know as an Ambient Element.

HAVOC & campaigns

HAVOC… running a campaign A campaign. What tabletop general doesn’t like the idea of a campaign? At the mention of the word, images spring to mind: raids into enemy territory, scouting missions, scorched earth withdrawals, ambushes, pitched battles, and heroic last stands. That’s a lot of stuff, and I’m sure you thought of even more. … Continue reading

Ghoul Interrupted

Looking for a great HAVOC battle report? How about a miniature blog to follow? Well, don’t worry my friend, for I can help you with both! Take a trip to the famous Lead Adventure Forum, and the fantastic blog Somewhere, the tea’s getting cold…. Clever writing, delightfully terrible puns, and exciting narratives abound. And if … Continue reading

Want to turn it up to 11?

or ‘I’m sad. Why can’t I have more Named models in my force?’ Gamers rejoice! Because if you want more Named models in your force, then you can have them, and I will tell you how to do so while keeping things from getting too out of hand.Why didn’t I let players do this from … Continue reading

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