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Chaos and Mayhem

Yann Hoarau just completed his 10mm Evil Men campaign over on Indiegogo with a really strong finish that was almost double the initial goal. Well played sir! Well played indeed! It was a pleasure to do my small part to help out with the campaign as it’s an excellent line with both amazing detail and … Continue reading

Dark Alliance Concepts and Greens

As some of you know, I’ve been working with Steven Salotti of Microworld Games to create MAYHEM army lists for his 6mm fantasy line. What you probably don’t know is that this includes rules for both lines and miniatures not yet released. Intriguing- right? Well, Steve has been kind enough to let me give you … Continue reading

Battle for Harrison’s Ford

You simply must check out this cracking MAYHEM battle report! As usual, Steve [aka Thantsants] has put together a fantastic collection of images that is only matched by his entertaining narrative. With characters like Shreevan Zeegal, Count Johan Von Damne, Bluch Norress, Dulf Lundgrin, and Arkneld Beulenegger, how can you go wrong? Right? The report … Continue reading

MAYHEM unleashed!

MAYHEM is now available on Wargame Vault in PDF format for just $7.99! Not just for wargamers, MAYHEM is perfect for roleplayers looking to integrate a customizable set of mass combat rules into their campaign and adventures. If you haven’t checked out the games features already, then you can see a quick overview here.  

MAYHEM available tomorrow

MAYHEM will be available Friday on Wargame Vault for just $7.99- just in time for the weekend! MAYHEM is a fantasy mass battle combat game played on a grand scale. Here’s a quick overview of just some of the features: custom points based army construction uses d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20 dice VERSUS … Continue reading

MAYHEM is coming!

Next week, I’ll be releasing my new fantasy mass battle game MAYHEM in PDF format on Wargame Vault for just $7.99. Leading up to the release, I’ll be previewing some of the game’s features in a little more detail [so stay tuned]. If there’s anything that your especially interested in learning about, then make sure … Continue reading

HAVOC Review: Lead & Tea

A fresh new review of HAVOC can be found at two convenient locations. The Lead Adventure Forum and Somewhere, tea’s getting cold… are both sporting reflections, evaluations, and critique of the book on tactical miniature warfare. If you haven’t checked it out already, then

Ghoul Interrupted

Looking for a great HAVOC battle report? How about a miniature blog to follow? Well, don’t worry my friend, for I can help you with both! Take a trip to the famous Lead Adventure Forum, and the fantastic blog Somewhere, the tea’s getting cold…. Clever writing, delightfully terrible puns, and exciting narratives abound. And if … Continue reading

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