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Chaos and Mayhem

Yann Hoarau just completed his 10mm Evil Men campaign over on Indiegogo with a really strong finish that was almost double the initial goal. Well played sir! Well played indeed!

It was a pleasure to do my small part to help out with the campaign as it’s an excellent line with both amazing detail and character [especially for the scale], and I enjoy seeing a sculptor that’s passionate about his art and the hobby get a win like this. The new concepts and sculpts that were revealed look great as well, and I”m looking forward to getting my hands on the minis along with the rest of you. The end of the campaign also means that there are quite a few new players to MAYHEM. Welcome!

If you have any questions, want to share your lists, paint jobs, or battle reports, then don’t hesitate to pop in here or at the forum on BoardGameGeek. My though right now is start using the BGG locations for discussing my games since they are highly searchable and use the more user friendly traditional forum format [as opposed to Yahoo! Groups]. The main page listing for MAYHEM on BGG also has an area where players can upload and share files.

The STRONGHOLD expansion is almost complete with the layout and last round of edits being worked on right now. A few of the additions it brings are: advanced terrain rules, new designations, new spells, additional traits, multiple modes of play, and [of course] rules for building strongholds and keeps and conducting sieges. Curious about any feature in particular? Let the speculation and questions begin!


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