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25% off during Winter Offensive Sale!

bombshellgames-winter-offensive-sale-brentspiveyBombshell Games has once again entered the Wargame Vault Winter Offensive sale. This means that all of my products will be 25% off until January 2, 2014 at 1000 hours EST.

MAYHEM-TMP-BrentSpivey-cover-fantasymassbattleIf you are searching for a fantasy mass battle game, then this sale is the perfect time to pick up Mayhem. The game features unique movement and combat mechanics, an innovative activation system, and an engaging counter system all without any tiresome record keeping or charts. Not only that, but Mayhem gives you the power to create any units and armies you can imagine with a points based army builder. The set includes rules for magic including spells like summon, blink, and time stop. Those who purchase now will receive the upcoming Stronghold update that includes rules for sieges, creating strongholds, and more completely free of charge!

This sale includes the Battlefield miniature modern warfare game- a 2013 Origins Award nominee for Battlefield-frontcover-previewBest Miniatures Rules. It comes with both quick reference sheets and a Boot Camp quick start guide and FAQ. The Battlefield features 8 classes, 9 vehicle profiles, 35 loadouts, 9 game modes, and supports up to 8 players. There are rules for Zombies, Insurgents, and Mercs as well, and a Black Ops bonus section of the book containing notes on design concepts, advanced rules, and other play options. Coupled with the core rules, you have everything you need to customize your games to mirror your favorite shooter’s style including games like: Operation Flashpoint, Ghost Recon, Battlefield, and Call of Duty.

havoctacticalminiaturewarfare-freeterrain-davegraffamYou can also get the entire HAVOC bundle for 25% off! Not only do you get the 2010 Origins Nominee for Best Miniature Rules, but when you purchase the PDF version of HAVOC on Wargame Vault, you get 2 terrain pieces from Dave Graffam models absolutely free. The Covered Bridge and Watch Tower models are suitable for a wide range of settings, and it ‘just so happens’ that they are perfect for the Dangerous Crossing scenario found in the game.

Not familiar with the concept of multi-layered PDFs for the purpose of modeling? I’ll give you the broad strokes. Multi-layered PDF models are all about customization. The Watch Tower is a perfect example of this.  It includes multiple surface textures, like both brick and stone walls, roof variants including thatch, slate tiles, and wood shingles, and the ability to add (or remove) balconies. You can even change the number of stories, and all of this can be done with the simple click of your mouse. So, each model is actually like many different models, in one convenient package.

Check out more great paper models and terrain here: Dave Graffam Models

Terrain Tip! Models like the Thatched Cottage, Cropland Ground Tiles, Low Walls, and Dutch Barn are great for the Raid, Pillage, & Raze scenario.



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