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HAVOC Review: Lead & Tea

A fresh new review of HAVOC can be found at two convenient locations. The Lead Adventure Forum and Somewhere, tea’s getting cold… are both sporting reflections, evaluations, and critique of the book on tactical miniature warfare.'HAVOC, Lead, & Tea...' If you haven’t checked it out already, then you really should get over to the blog Somewhere, tea’s getting cold…. It’s a great blog for miniature gamers to follow, and the style is undeniably HAVOC.

As I’ve said before, I both appreciate and enjoy the battle reports and reviews that people take the time to create. Anyone who has ever done either, knows that it is a lot of work. Not only does it expose people to HAVOC (always good, that), but allows me, and others, to see different ways to experience the game*.

*Medieval, Renaissance, Fantasy… all are welcome.

HAVOC… it’s okay to wreak a little!’


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