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HAVOC Review on TMP

After my recent road trip doing game demos, one of the players from the Atlanta session did a great review that can be found on [TMP] The Miniatures Page.

Balin (aka cloudcaptain) and his group really grasped the concept and spirit of the game almost immediately. By the third turn of the main game, I could see the wheels turning as the tactical implications of possible moves weighed on peoples minds. That moment when see you people really ‘get it’ is almost as satisfying as seeing them go to the shelves after the game is over to purchase new miniatures for the force they are planning on building. Allowing gamers to be creative in a tactically challenging environment is one of the goals of HAVOC. It’s nice to see it at work!

I want to thank Balin for taking the time and energy to review my game. Real reviews, from real gamers, are priceless. For everything else…


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