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Rogue Planet | House Rules and Scenario Generator

The Rogue Planet download on Wargame Vault has been updated with a set of house rules and a scenario generator created by Thibault Bloch. Designated as Planet-TB1, this rogue variant is set on a gritty industrial sci-fi world ruled by violence where rival gangs battle for supremacy, glory, and resources in a harsh post apocalyptic landscape.

The planet specific variant includes:

  • new actions for spot checks, climbing, vaulting, and jumping.
  • expanded damage rules to allow for downed units, gruesome melee skills, and the ability to use injured enemies as shields against incoming fire.
  • 8 added enhancements that include parry, brutal impacts, enhanced optics, and multiple camouflage types.
  • specialized rounds and weapon selector modules for ranged weapons.
  • new PAWNS and a Medic job class.
  • an enhanced and expanded Extended Ops campaign system.
  • a scenario generator, deployment options, and extra circumstances that can be used in virtually any setting and on any planet.

The download also includes a full color cover image specifically for these [and all future] planet specific variant rules!

For those that purchased a physical copy of the game and don’t have access to the Wargame Vault download, the new rules and scenario generator can be download for free from the files section for Rogue Planet on BoardGameGeek.com.

Special thanks to Thibault for all his hard work and for taking the time and effort to put everything into a slick professional format consistent with the core product [allowing me to share it with everyone!].



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