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ROGUE PLANET | New QRS available!

ROGUE PLANET player and fan Luke Pullar has created a wonderful new quick reference sheet for the game.

Where the basic QRS is more of comprehensive rules summary for starting players, this beautiful QRS created by Luke contains useful reminders for more experienced players that already have the basics down including a slick diagram for triggering and using ROGUE DIE abilities. It also includes abilities and skill checks from the TB-1 planet specific rules.

The QRS has been added to the digital download on Wargame Vault and should be up in the files section for the game on BoardGameGeek soon [pending approval]. Speaking of BoardGameGeek, you should check out Luke’s custom case for the Arkham Horror board game. Anyone that puts that kind of effort and artistry into his board game extras is certainly going to deliver a top notch QRS! 🙂



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