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TECHNO BOWL: Helmet + Team Preview #4

This is the fourth round of helmet and team previews for TECHNO BOWL! Both the red and blue pill helmet variants of the PILLS are shown below. Click on any of the helmets to go to the WIP thread on BGG and learn more about a particular team like the running game revolution of the REVOLT or the possible extinction of your passing game when facing the TYRANTS. Of note, hall of fame passer Joe Dakota is featured on the LUMBERJACKS roster along with his favorite target Larry Nice.

TechnoBowl_Revolt_Helmet_BrentSpiveyTechnoBowl_Tyrants_Helmet_BrentSpiveyTechno_Bowl_Pills_OfficialHelmet_BrentSpivey copyTechno_Bowl_Pills_BluePillAlternateHelmet_BrentSpiveyTechno_Bowl_Lumberjacks_Helmet_BrentSpiveyTechnoBowl_Omegas_Helmet_BrentSpiveyMFL_pixel_logo_morefun


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