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25% off Summer Sale!

It’s Summer again, and it’s way too hot to be outside! Right? So, since you’ll be spending plenty of time indoors, I’ve teamed up with Wargame Vault again to bring you some great bargains during the Summer Campaign Sale to help keep you occupied. From now until July 31th, 2015 at 1000 Eastern Standard Time, ALL digital products from Bombshell Games and Brent Spivey on Wargame Vault are 25% off! Here’s a look of some of the products included.

First let me welcome you to ROGUE PLANET™! A derelict world where you can experience true sci-fantasy gaming that allows you to fight skirmishes that focus on the cinematics and action of the genre without skimping on the tactics. The game is full of surprises from no measuring sticks, grids, rulers, centimeters, or inches being used to a complete tabletop physics engine. Click on this link to check out all of the features. As a bonus, the PDF download includes both the standard B&W version and the full color art filled Derelict Planet Edition of the rules. The standard print edition and PDF download bundle can be purchased for just $13.74 during the sale!!

Want to get your Call of DutyBattlefield, and Ghost Recon friends to play a miniature game? If so, then The Battlefield is just the ticket. The 2013 Origins Nominee for Best Miniature Rules brings the tactical first and third person shooter experience to the tabletop supporting up to 8 players and 9 game modes. If you’ve wanted to try out Overdrive™, then now is the time to pull the trigger. The download includes quick reference sheets for all infantry units, standard actions, and vehicles.


MAYHEM is a ‘fantasy mass battle’ combat game played on the grand scale. Here generals lead armies of their own creation on the field of battle in search of victory and glory. Not just for wargamers, MAYHEM is perfect for roleplayers looking to integrate a customizable set of mass combat rules into their campaigns and adventures. This version is the BATTLE CHEST edition that includes both the core rules and the STRONGHOLD expansion material. MAYHEM_BrentSpivey_cover_fantasymassbattle_battlechestedition

Game features overview:

  • custom points based army construction
  • uses d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20 dice
  • VERSUS game engine [including Deadlocks and Overdrive]
  • play at any scale including 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, and 28mm
  • players can use armies based for other systems
  • no casualty removal
  • includes quick reference sheets, army construction worksheet, and General’s Compendium
  • official support from popular miniature manufacturers

The STRONGHOLD expansion includes rules for:

  • advanced terrain options including the garrisoning, attacking, and burning of structures
  • new designations like scout, skirmisher, and heroic skirmisher
  • heroes to engage one another in epic challenges
  • battle sorcerers that can focus their magical powers to control hulking mechanical constructs or harness the fury of bound behemoths
  • new spells, traits, abilities, and gear
  • building your own strongholds and keeps including over 15 upgrades to create the ultimate fortress
  • siege engines and laying siege to enemy strongholds and keeps
  • new scenarios including border keeps and a unique mass battle multiplayer mode
  • campaigns and linked games with unit progression, multiple paths to victory, and seasonal weather effects

While you’re there, don’t forget to pick up Armies of Mayhem. These BattleScribe files feature the BATTLE CHEST which is one large list that contains profiles for various fantasy units, creatures, and races that can be built using the rules found in the Battle Chest Edition of Mayhem. These units follow all the unit construction rules found in the book. There are over 100 unique profiles that include: Dark Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, High Elves, Human Empire, Lizardmen, Monstrous Creatures, Orcs, Pirates, Keeps, Siege Engines, Strongholds, Undead, and Woodland Elves.MAYHEM_Armies of Mayhem_BattleScribe_BrentSpivey

As if that wasn’t enough, the download also contains the ARMIES OF MAYHEM. This collection features armies that are inspired by various miniature lines, fiction, legends, and folklore. These lists play with the game balance a bit, feature units that break the creation rules found in the book, and include army specific rules and bonuses.


Also included is the HAVOC Bundle which not only contains the 2010 Origins Nominee for Best Miniature Rules and quick reference sheet for the game, but it also boast 2 amazing multi-layered PDF paper models from Dave Graffam Models. This sale makes that bundle a bargain just for the terrain alone!

Summer Campaign Sale – Join the Fight!


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