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Build me an army worthy of MAYHEM!

‘Build me an army worth of Mayhem!’ Bombshell Games has harnessed the power of BattleScribe to make building your armies, strongholds, and keeps easier than it’s ever been before. ‘What is this BattleScribe you speak of?’ you ask.

BattleScribe is a fast and powerful army list creator for tabletop wargamers. It allows you to quickly and easily create army lists while validating your points limits and army selections so you can see if you’ve made any mistakes, and the easy-to-read output will summarize your units’ profiles and special rules for quick reference. You can download it for free from BattleScribe.net. That’s right- it’s free!

MAYHEM_Armies of Mayhem_BattleScribe_BrentSpiveyOnce you have BattleScribe, head over to Wargame Vault and download the Armies of Mayhem file pack. Inside, you’ll find the BATTLE CHEST. This is one large list that contains profiles for various fantasy units, creatures, and races that can be built using the rules found in the Battle Chest Edition of Mayhem. These units follow all the unit construction rules found in the book. There are over 100 unique profiles that include: Dark Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, High Elves, Human Empire, Lizardmen, Monstrous Creatures, Orcs, Pirates, Keeps, Siege Engines, Strongholds, Undead, and Woodland Elves.

As if that wasn’t enough, the download also contains the ARMIES OF MAYHEM. This collection features armies that are inspired by various miniature lines, fiction, legends, and folklore. These lists play with the game balance a bit, feature units that break the creation rules found in the book, and include army specific rules and bonuses.

The data files for Armies of Mayhem were created and will be maintained by award-winning game designer Eric D. Sack. A huge ‘thank you’ is in order as, without him, none of this would have been possible. He learned the BattleScribe program architecture, created the databases, and really pushed the software to give players the most possible freedom during the army creation process. I gave him an impressive amount of information and feature requests, and he certainly delivered the goods. If you haven’t already, check out his most recent RPG Deniable Asset. All proceeds from the sale of Deniable Asset go toward keeping his espresso supply at peak levels to ensure that the build files are always battle ready!

If you think you see any errors or have any feature suggestions, contact Eric at randomeric@randomencounters.net. Additionally, if you have any other questions or just want to share your creations, join in the conversation here.

battlescribe_files_mayhemTo import your Armies of Mayhem files in to BattleScribe:
1. Open the Roster Editor
2. Click on the ‘Manage Data’ button
3. Click on the ‘Import Data From File…’ button
4. Find each of the .bsr files and select them [one at a time] and click ‘Open’

After that, you should be ready to start building!


2 thoughts on “Build me an army worthy of MAYHEM!

  1. Great work.

    Posted by Yann Hoarau | July 21, 2014, 7:54 am
    • Thanks! I’m really excited about getting this released. The program truly does all the ‘heavy lifting’ for the player so that people can focus on being creative and having fun. Not only that, but I already have some other fun stuff planned [and in the works] for future updates.

      Posted by Brent | July 21, 2014, 3:44 pm

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