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FAQ added for The Battlefield

The electronic edition of The Battlefield has been updated with the addition of a FAQ. As always, this update is completely free. If you purchased your copy from Wargame Vault, then simply return to the site to download the FAQ. For players that have a print copy, you can join the Yahoo! Group and download … Continue reading

Battlefield print edition launch special- 25% off!

The print edition of The Battlefield has launched today taking the tactical first and third person modern combat shooter experience worldwide. The full color book is available on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.es, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it, and here in the the site’s Shop. Not only that, but as a small thank you to everyone for supporting and … Continue reading

Battlefield cover preview

I just got word from the printer that the proof copy of The Battlefield should be arriving early next week for me to review. Nice! 🙂 And yes, this means that if all goes well you will be able to pick-up your own full color print edition of the game very soon. Here’s a little … Continue reading

Bomb in the Ointment

Bombshell Games has teamed up with Flytrap Factory to make The Battlefield be the official ruleset of choice for the Warfighter line of miniatures. Already having a nice start to their line with Humvees, Marine Rifle Squads, MERCs, and Insurgents, the Baron announced today that the Warfighter Range would grow even more later this month … Continue reading

Summer Campaign Sale!

Looking to pick up a great deal? Want to escape the heat and enjoy a Summer of gaming? If so, then head over to Wargame Vault. From now until July 16th, 2012 at 1000 Eastern Time, all products from Bombshell Games and Brent Spivey are 25% off! This includes the HAVOC Bundle which not only … Continue reading

Vehicles added to Battlefield QRS

The Battlefield quick reference sheet has been updated with the addition of a vehicle page. For your convenience and gaming pleasure, all vehicles found in the core rules can be found on this one sheet. That’s right! This is not limited to just ground vehicles but also includes all helicopters and VTOL. As always, this … Continue reading

Battlefield Support

The Battlefield: Miniature Modern Warfare has been updated with the addition of a Quick Reference Sheet. Additionally, there have been some minor tweaks to the interior file. As with all my electronic updates, this is completely free of charge. Enjoy!

Lock and load!

The Battlefield brings the first and third person modern combat shooter experiences to the tabletop, and it’s available for purchase on Wargame Vault right now for a release price of only $9.99! In case you missed the preview announcement, The Battlefield utilizes the Overdrive™ activation mechanic and a proprietary terrain and cover system to capture … Continue reading

Secure a landing zone!

Secure a landing zone! The Battlefield: Miniature Modern Warfare is coming to a table near you next week. The Battlefield is a new game from Brent Spivey that puts the modern first and third person shooter experience on the tabletop. Utilizing

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