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Summer Campaign Sale!

Looking to pick up a great deal? Want to escape the heat and enjoy a Summer of gaming? If so, then head over to Wargame Vault. From now until July 16th, 2012 at 1000 Eastern Time, all products from Bombshell Games and Brent Spivey are 25% off!

This includes the HAVOC Bundle which not only contains the rules and quick reference sheet for the game, but also boast 2 amazing multi-layered PDF paper models from Dave Graffam Models. This makes that bundle a bargain just for the terrain.

Did I say all products? Apparently I did! So, this means that my newest release, The Battlefield, is also included in the mix. If you’ve been considering getting this game that brings the tactical first and third person shooter experience to the tabletop and trying out Overdriveā„¢, then now is the time to pull the trigger. The download includes quick reference sheets for all infantry units, standard actions, and vehicles.

Hope to see you on the battlefield soon!


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