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TECHNO BOWL: Tokens and Pixel Players

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!! Thanks for another amazing year! 🙂bombshellgames-santa-feature

Many of you have probably already had a chance to check these out in the WIP thread on BoardGameGeek.com, but for those who haven’t, here’s a little preview of the prototype tokens and some shots of the print-and-play pixel player block overlays. The pixel block players can be printed out and attached to .75 x .75 inch wooden or plastic blocks that can be purchased at any hobby store. The PDF files for each team are layered to allow users to select alternate top colors for jerseys. This gives you home/away options and alternate colors when teams have a similar primary color. It’s a cheap fun way to upgrade your game. It’s not miniatures, but it’s close.techno_bowl_pnp_pixelplayers_3_Eshift


The files are also set-up for Craft ROBO and Silhouette hobby printers. This means that craft printers will cut the pixel players out for you!



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