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Deal of the Day – Mayhem

The PDF version of the Battle Chest Edition of Mayhem will be the Deal of the Day on Wargame Vault beginning at 1100 EST later today. For 24 hours, the game will be discounted at 50% off the normal retail price. That’s right, I said 50% off!!

Mayhem gives you the tools to build your armies, heroes, and even your strongholds from the ground up and then take them into glorious mass battle. And, after you’ve learned the basics, you can test your generalship in a full blown campaign complete with unit progression, multiple paths to victory, and seasonal weather effects.

For players that want to get right into the action without creating their own forces from scratch, the Armies of Mayhem builder file has over 100 unique profiles that include: Dark Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, High Elves, Human Empire, Lizardmen, Monstrous Creatures, Orcs, Pirates, Keeps, Siege Engines, Strongholds, Undead, and Woodland Elves. Armies of Mayhem also includes a set of customized army lists inspired by various miniature lines, fiction, legends, and folklore. These lists play with the game balance a bit, feature units that break the creation rules found in the book, and include army specific rules and bonuses.

MAYHEM_BrentSpivey_cover_fantasymassbattle_battlechesteditionMAYHEM_Armies of Mayhem_BattleScribe_BrentSpivey


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