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Don’t call it a comeback

Hey everybody! Just checking in to give you an idea of what’s going on with my designs and let you know that I’m still here. I just wrapped up some professional contract work that has completely monopolized my time over the past few weeks. The good news is, not only are those projects finished [giving me a nice stretch of free time to do my own thing] but, I managed to get some fresh perspectives and inspiration that should translate to my games.

I’ve mentioned in passing before, but never really expounded in any detail, that I’ve been developing 2 games in tandem with OP4S. The idea is to feature different mechanics in each of the games that can socket into, be exchanged with, or snap onto, the framework of the RTS game engine [with Overdrive]. The idea is to give players different experiences within a loose framework so that they don’t feel like the games are just rehashes of the same mechanic with a different skin, and yet can give them a sense of familiarity so the don’t feel like their learning everything anew. Likewise, if a player prefers a particular mechanic, or wants to increase the complexity of a game by adding components, then the option will be there. In short, the pieces will be there for those who enjoy tinkering with designs and systems.

So, what does this mean for release schedules and updates? Well, one of the games [not OP4S] is very near completion, and I’ll be seeking out some groups outside of my personal playtesters to get some final testing and impressions. I can safely say that most people who have contributed to the OP4S beta will see their thoughts and suggestions throughout this game and a heavy dose of the best parts of the current OP4S at its heart. I’ll give more details on this unnamed game very soon, but for now I will just say that it is not a real time strategy on the tabletop.

Speaking of testing and feedback, OP4S is getting  a serious overhaul. While the RTS framework is going to remain in place, the mechanics under the hood are something altogether new. I fully expect these changes to shock and surprise some gamers when they first see them, but the changes are definitely in direct response to some good constructive criticism. I can safely say that there isn’t anything out there in wargaming right now that uses the resolution mechanic I’m proposing.

As if all that wasn’t enough, I have lots of hobby stuff I want to highlight and show off. I’m working on a few tutorials that will try and showcase some unique tools available to gamers. So, stick around, there should be some fresh content soon.


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