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Mayhem Battle Reports

Looking for battle reports, after action reports, armies, lists, and other fine examples of Mayhem in fantasy mass battle action? Well, I’m here to help! Below are a few examples [in no particular order] from around the web. Enjoy! The first report can be be viewed in three parts [see the image links below] on the … Continue reading

Battle for Harrison’s Ford

You simply must check out this cracking MAYHEM battle report! As usual, Steve [aka Thantsants] has put together a fantastic collection of images that is only matched by his entertaining narrative. With characters like Shreevan Zeegal, Count Johan Von Damne, Bluch Norress, Dulf Lundgrin, and Arkneld Beulenegger, how can you go wrong? Right? The report … Continue reading

HAVOC pictures from DADICOM 2011

It’s been a busy week, but I’m finally getting some pictures posted from the HAVOC demo table at DADICOM 2011 that was held in San Marino, Italy. I want to start

Ghoul Interrupted

Looking for a great HAVOC battle report? How about a miniature blog to follow? Well, don’t worry my friend, for I can help you with both! Take a trip to the famous Lead Adventure Forum, and the fantastic blog Somewhere, the tea’s getting cold…. Clever writing, delightfully terrible puns, and exciting narratives abound. And if … Continue reading

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